Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post-doctoral Position at The Cochin Institute, Paris

Post-doctoral position at the Cochin Institute, Paris :
Grants for Grad & Post-Doc Study 5th ed (Grants for Graduate and Post-Doctoral Study)
Fellowship of the « Région Ile-de-France» (18 months starting September 2010 with possibility of extension for 6-12 months). The candidate should possess a strong back-ground in molecular biology (DNA cloning, etc..).

Project : Study of O-GlcNAc glycosylation of FoxO1 the betapancreatic Cell O-GlcNAc glycosylation of cytosolic and nuclear proteins constitutes a reversible post-translational modification, analogous to phosphorylation, which now appears as a major player in the regulation of cell signalling. This modification depends on glucose concentrations, allowing a regulation of protein activities
according to the metabolic environment of the cell. O-GlcNAc modification could therefore participate in the deleterious effects associated with chronic hyperglycaemia observed in diabetes (glucotoxicty) .

PhD Position in Neuroanatomy/Neuroscience

PhD Position in Neuroanatomy/ Neuroscience (3x2 years) (mandate 090/32/180)

Job description
The successful candidate will do research to get a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Our projects are focused on neuroimmunological repair strategies after brain and spinal cord injury with special emphasis on the use of anti-inflammatory mediators to enhance functional regeneration. The successful applicant will be working on “the use of stem cells as carriers of pro-regenerative factors after spinal cord injury”. The project includes a rich spectrum of techniques such as cell and brain slice cultures, histology, molecular biology and behavior tests.

14 positions in Systems Biology - Univ. Groningen

Job opportunities in the Systems Biology Centre for Metabolism and Ageing
We are recruiting 14 PhD students/postdocs from various disciplines relevant for Systems Biology, including biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics and theoretical biology.

Scientific excellence and enthusiasm will be the most important criteria for selection. Previous experience in Systems Biology or in research related to metabolism and/or ageing research is advantageous but not required.
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